The Tomboy & Her Gay-Hubby

Gay husband definition: A homosexual male who gets along with a fierce tomboy and spends a lot of time doing things with her that a traditional boyfriend might do, minus the pervy amorous physical stuff.

Every gal needs one.

A pop culture example is Stanford Blatch from Sex and The City.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 2.05.38 PM

photo credit: HBO

The “gay hubby” is who you call for dinner on the weekends- he occupies “good date real estate” days, when you want to go do “granny stuff” like antique-ing, when you want to go for all out romps in the wilderness (because he already has seen you at your worst), when you want to vege in front of the TV. The gay hubby does all the things you can do with your gal pals, also with the same level of non-judgment. Very rarely will he compete with you for anything. He’s there to nurture.

My gay husband’s name is Derek. We’re fine peeing outside in front of each other. (That’s a friendship prerequisite of mine- if you can’t go without a traditional bathroom, we can’t hang). We go do cultural stuff together. He’s a great cook and keeps a better home than I do.  He keeps me from being kidnapped or harassed. We’ve driven cross-country together and didn’t kill each other much.  We share hilarious hook-up stories.  He loves my dog who we call “Granny Bea”. I call him “Granny D”. He calls me “Granny T”. We’ve gone into forests together, layed around lawns in Pasadena parks together, hit up the Watermelon Festival. Granny D looks great in suits; he’s got style. We go shopping together. He has great manners too. You really can take him anywhere. We know each other’s families.

We aim to have a farm full of Beagles one day if neither one of us ends up with a romantic partner. So, there’s the plan. The way things are going with modern life, …

Do you have any real life or scripted entertainment examples of the tomboy-gay hubby friendship? Do share.

Here’s Derek with a meal he made for us on our last out-of-town weekend trip. He’s already booked two other spots for us for beach camping this summer. What?- a guy who thinks ahead and follows through with plans? Yep, that’s my gay hubby.

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 11.17.36 AM

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