When Your Gal Pals Want to Dress You

Because they will. They want you to get girlie-girlified once in a while.

I admit- it doesn’t take a whole lot to dress well or cook well, but those who are naturally good at such things do have a special knack, a magical skill to make things come together right.

Here’s a foray into different women and the dressing styles to which we normally gravitate… This is a she said/she said on outfits my friend Lauren and I pick out online. Lauren is a stylist who keeps threatening to go through my closet again. She’s put together some nice looks for me. (I may have actually executed one of these outfits before- but there’s no photographic evidence, so it didn’t happen).

I’ve bought things my more femmie friends have talked me into buying, hang these items in the closet and look at them just because they’re pretty, but actually wearing them is a whole different thing.

Give me a well done button-up any day and call me a happy woman.

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 9.48.41 AM
photo: Zara

What’s the most “normative girliest” outfit your female friends have put you in? How’d you feel and what happened?

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