I’m a very lucky gal–

My neighbor went to SXSW and hauled me back a goodie bag. I couldn’t make it to Texas this year, so I sent him all my party invites. One was for Neiman Marcus- they’re really upping their brand by highlighting women. Now, that is just plain smart and caught my eye. The hashtag #NMMakeSomeNoise also steps up- in giving women more of a voice. I hope the brand continues to do this and that others follow their lead.

Besides that, I was impressed with all the items they gave away in their swag bags, but a couple items  stood out for me- particularly the SHINOLA  journal covered in this perfect rose fabric. It’s great to learn about the company, what they make and the fact that they make it in Detroit, Michigan. What warmed me up to them even more is the diversity in their craftspeople who they proudly show-off.


The color and texture of the journal is amazing.

Also given away was this over-sized, cute as hell colorful Rebecca Minkoff wristlet. I avoid carrying purses as much as possible, so something like this does it for me. It’s like a Rorshach on your wrist- a conversation starter for sure.

I remember Rebecca’s sample sales when I lived in New York, so her brand holds nostalgia value for me.



What’re some fave, memorable things you’ve gotten swag wise?







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