New Band Alert

40 Days of NOT Dating

She & Him – but not so fucking cutesy

White Stripes – but not as cool

Peaches- but not a former Canadian teacher


Our working title for this uber fraiche Girl + Boy duo band is: TRULY STRANGE CHILDREN where we explore our joint and separate neurosis, as people and as a modern first world society, whilst fully accepting each others shadow selves.

Even though we come from the American rock and roll, Brit rock worlds, we decided to go into a new genre we made up called “Murder House”- it’s like Witch House, but more now– neue now, if you will. We’re liars & telling people it’s post post Bitch House (also a made up house music genre).

This is all to keep our brains working as an off-shoot of writing/composing really bad-good music on purpose for the short film TRV CVLT Detective where we make fun of ourselves, our group of friends and our sub-cultures of Los Angeles (and other big cities)- our musical arranger & I decided to keep making awful music for fun.

Here are some track titles we came up with. What songs do you want us to make first?


Hit Songs List:


Oh No, I’m Gonna Get Murder Housed – hoping this is ready by Halloween 2016

We Need Some Strange

We’re Really Unassuming, So Step into our Sadistic Lair

We’d Be Jealous of Us, if We Weren’t Already Us (for reasons like we have great communication skills with each other)

Cat Fight

Goddamn it, I Didn’t Charge my New USB Vibrator Long Enough- Was Almost There

You Make Me Wanna VOM (from the hit film TRV CVLT aka those bitches)

That Wouldn’t Happen in New York Because I’m a Manhattanite, You Brooklyn Hipster Douches

Gluten Date aka I Just Wanna Stuff Something Chewy in Your Mouth, Cronenberg Remix

If Weird Al Was Goth and Sexy

I’m Manic, Why Aren’t You Here for Me to Spank?

Oh Shit, Did We Accidentally Leave My Mom a 4 minute message about sex b/c we accidentally dialed her w/ my Butt and Bluetooth in my car? aka Ass to Dashboard Panel

BBQ & Boobs

Omg, We Did Stuff Behind a Strip Club

I’ll Play Bad Cop. You Play Good Cop. (after-care)

Siri, Why Can’t You Fucking Be a Person & Put Out Then Go Away? (Also Talking to You, British Boy Siri)

We’re Not Together. We’re Just Previously Anatomically Familiar With Each Other. (Top that conscious uncouplers)

Touch or Take Separate Cold Showers Down the Street From Each Other?

Like Cersei & Jamie (But Not Really)

Catastrophic: The Birthday Book Told Us Nah

We Hang Out With Each Other Because When You Google Us We Both Show Up on Wikipedia



Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 1.17.37 PM


Meanwhile, here ya go




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