LA Tinder Date or Zombie?

He tells me he likes my brain

He always comes back. He goes away for weeks at a time. I think he’s dead, but then he returns with a text wanting to hang out as if he didn’t vanish and nothing is amiss

He spends time mindlessly swiping things on glowing handheld, ignoring live flesh

His eyes are glazed over

He likes to bite and leave marks

He makes the weirdest sounds in the bathroom because he doesn’t realize how thin my walls are

He’ll text weird garbled stuff that makes no sense to see if I respond

He’ll ask things like: Do I smell? Are you judging me right now?

He’ll show me body parts that have been cut, sliced, lopped off or fell off

He’ll walk really, really slowly down dark streets, hoping to get some

He’ll put his hand on the small of my back, check for tenderness

He’ll wear tattered clothes because he likes slumming it

His photos are old headshots from ten years ago

He doesn’t know what the feels are

He complains about the life he could’ve had if only: the music label hadn’t dropped his band, that deal went through, he grew up to be what he thought he was going to be instead of what he is now, etc.

Stumbling around in the dark is a regular occurrence for him

He’ll have sunken eyes with dark circles under them and tell me he has sleep issues

It was the drugs his parents did when they were in a cult before they had him

He’ll actually let me pay for a drink

He’ll actually want me to drive to him

I mean– Do zombies have bank accounts? Can they operate cars?

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